Ryan Zimmerman Calls Jayson Werth Gluten Free, And Other Word Associations

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 6, 2013

FP Santangelo sat down with Ryan Zimmerman before Saturday's matchup against the Reds.  In it he played a one word (mostly) word association game where he would mention one of Ryan's teammates, and the Nats thirdbaseman would respond with a one word answer.  Hilarity ensued:

Bryce Harper: Freak

Jayson Werth: Gluten-Free (more here)

Danny Espinosa: Intense

Stephen Strasburg: Phenom

Adam LaRoche: Focused

Chad Tracy: Clydesdale

Tyler Clippard: Goggles

Desmond: Most Athletic Guy On The Team

Kurt Suzuki: Clutch

Tyler Moore: All American Guy - Heartthrob

Roger Bernadina: He Likes To Dance (in a weird dancing voice or something)

Craig Stammen: Bulldog

Drew Storen:  Stanford

Jordan Zimmermann: Bulldog

Gio Gonzalez:  Smile, Laugh, Charismatic

Ross Detwiler:  He Loves Hockey - NHL

Ryan Zimmerman:  I'm In A Good Spot

You can watch the interview here (they don't allow embedding ... booooo)

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  1. I think the Bernadina comment was a reference to the old Mike Myers bit of "Dieter" hosting the uber-European talk show, and he would interrupt with "now vee dahnss" (heavily accented "now we dance"). Might be a reference to Bernadina's Dutch/European background.