Move Over Akra, Julie Alexandria Is Here! Info & Pictures!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey Girl!

When Kristina Akra left the Washington Nationals before the start of the season there was a huge hole in our Nats fandom that was left empty.  There was no young attractive girl to be drenched unexpectedly in Gatorade after big wins at Nats Park.  Well no need to fear Nats fans, the awkward Gatorade showers shall return!  Akra has been replaced!  Info & Pictures follow.

Meet Julie Alexandria.  According to MASN, they have hired her to be their new sideline/dugout reporter and fill the hotness void that was left when Akra departed.  Just kidding, we know she is a great journalist/tv reporter.  And according to interviews, she is a Belieber among other things.

If Julia looks familiar it is because YOU ARE A NATS TRAITOR!  She was previously hosting a TV show about the New York Mets.  She also was covering college football for Fox Sports as well as a few other things described in the article linked above.

We want to welcome our new favorite MASN cast-member (sorry FP) and hope she is excited about being in several awesome Nats GIFs for the rest of the season. In case you are wondering Julie, here are some of the things (pies, gatorade, ice water, super soakers) Akra had to put up with.  And here is our favorite video:

The article says she will be starting next homestand.  Better bring a raincoat...

Here she is with Hulk Hogan

Not to be creepy or anything but here are a bunch of her Twitter photos:

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