Julie Alexandria's Interests Include Twilight, Justin Bieber, Christopher Walken Impressions, and Star Wars

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The new Washington Nationals sideline reporter Julie Alexandria has been a big story on Twitter today, specifically in the creepy male demographic.  But because it is our job, we are going to continue this hard work of finding out information about her, 100% for news purposes.

An interesting article submitted to us by a reader shows an interview that Alexandria did with the Hollywood Life blog during the time she was hosting an MTV celebrity gossip show called 'The Seven'.  Here are a few of the interests she divulged to the blog.

All quotes from Hollywood Life read the entire interview there.

When asked about Twilight:
“Team Edward all the way! As if there was any question! It doesn’t get any better than R-Patz!”

When speaking about one of her big interests, Star Wars:
“My friends know that I usually don’t like to hide my talents, but one talent even they would be surprised at is my prowess at Star Wars trivia. I can throw down with the best of ‘em this side of the galaxy! I also do a pretty mean Christopher Walken impression.”

And when talking about her being a ... wait for it ... Belieber:
“I have just recently come down with a serious case of Bieber Fever after watching a screening of his new movie Never Say Never. The guy is really talented! And that hair… oh that hair! Yup, I have officially been diagnosed.”

She should fit in pretty well in DC with that one.  And we can't wait for her to give us her Christopher Walken impression!

She also enjoys competitive gaming.  Via Interview with Big Lead Sports:
"I’m a big fan of Tom Taylor “T2,” one of the most successful pro Halo gamers ever, Tom Ryan “Ogre2″ who holds the record for most National Championship titles. David Walsh, who just retired as a Pro Gamer, after an illustrious career, has now transitioned into being a commentator on the Pro Circuit."

(H/T to Tolu @DarkMeatHook)

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