Bryce Harper Gets Free Chipotle Burritos For Life

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bryce Harper tweeted the following picture of his own personal Chipotle giftcard.  I'm sorry, did I say gift card?  I mean free freaking Burritos card!  I hate you Bryce!  Not really, but I want free burritos.  Please don't get fat!  Also, throw some Burritos my way, and when I open them up they better not be just XL t-shirts wrapped in aluminum foil!

Not since Happy Gilmore's lifetime Subway card have I seen such craziness.  Please Bryce, don't get all hopped up like Kramer did with his Cafe Latte deal.

Last year United States Olympic Women's Soccer Player Abby Wambach was also given one of these Burrito for life cards in 2012.

So if you see Bryce Harper at Chipotle, don't give him dirty looks...

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