7 Washington Nationals Make MLB Top 100 Right Now

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The MLB Network recently ran their "Top 100 Right Now" the top 100 players in the Major Leagues at the current time.  The list included play last season including post-season play (which is clearly how 2 Dodgers made the top 5 and an Angels player was #1)

MLB Network counts down the top MLB players overall, taking into account players in their prime who are coming back from injuries, younger players expected to break out and veteran players with proven track records. The ranking includes World Series MVPs, Cy Young Award winners, A.L. and N.L. MVPs, Rookies of the Year, Gold Glove Award winners and All-Stars. MLB NETWORK

The Nats had 7 players on the list, up from 4 during the 2012 offseason:

92.  Jordan Zimmermann
75.  Ian Desmond
73.  Adam LaRoche
54.  Bryce Harper
49.  Gio Gonzalez (Last Season #88)
29.  Ryan Zimmerman (Last Season #22)
26.  Stephen Strasburg (Last Season #98)
Not sure how Bryce Harper is #54 when they describe the list as considering "younger players expecting to break out".

A few notable things:
  • Michael Morse was #95 last year and #85 now on the Mariners
  • They put Mike Trout as #1 after basically 1 season in the majors, and Bryce didn't crack the top 50.  Can't wait for Bryce to see that, he will not take it lightly.
  • They put RA Dickey the NL Cy Young winner at #50, 1 behind Gio Gonzalez who lost.
  • Stephen Strasburg, who wasn't the Nationals best pitcher last season finished almost 25 spaces ahead of Gio, who was.
  • No Jayson Werth
  • This is just a list, and I don't think it was done very well

The Nationals tied for the lead with 7 players on the list with the St. Louis Cardinals, and I swear I'm not lying, the Philadelphia Phillies.  WHAT?  The Phillies!?  In case you forgot they finished 17 games behind the Nats last season.

And your top 5:

5.  Clayton Kershaw
4.  Matt Kemp
3.  Miguel Cabrera
2.  Justin Verlander
1.  Mike Trout

Keep ranking the Nats players low...

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  1. The Phillies have 7 and other than Ryan Howard all of them are deserving. Steven Strasburg was the best player on the Nationals but he could not pitch as many innings as Gio. Jayson Werth is a bum and has no place being on this list. And make Trout absolutely should be number 1 and Harper is ranked too high. Look at WAR. It says it all.