Nationals, Teenage Mutant Ninja Hurlers Shirts

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's a shirt that the Nats players are possibly wearing at Spring Training.  Google puts a date of January on this, so I don't think that this was randomly created today.

If this is the same shirt as described above, the players are Rafael Soriano, Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard, and Craig Stammen I believe.  I can't tell anything from this picture, lol.  Heroes On The Half Street!

Nats shirt created by @ambp77 (See links below)
You can get this shirt online here for $30 bucks.

Allan (@ambp77) first created the Photoshop for Tumblr then sent Ross Detwiler the image to create shirts.  It appears that Ross created the shirts, and a cause for minor buzz before a Spring Training game.  I suggest you see the other photoshops of Nats players at his Tumblr, they are awesome.

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