Washington Capitals New Player Mike Ribeiro Sports An Expos Hat

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, January 18, 2013

During the offseason, the Washington Captials signed a center from the Dallas Stars named Mike Ribeiro.  Ribeiro is not only from Montreal, but he was originally drafted in the NHL by the Montreal Canadiens where he played a few years of his career.

After Capitals training camp on Friday, Ribeiro emerged from the players entrance of Kettler Iceplex in Arlington with a hoody, sunglasses, and a sideways baseball cap.  The cap, was a Montreal Expos hat.

"I'm from Montreal"

That's what Ribeiro responded when fans asked him about his ballcap.  When fans ragged on him for not wearing a Nats hat, the NHLer responded by letting the fans know that it was the "same team".

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  1. Montreal *Canadiens*.

    The team spells it the French way, even when they are referred to in English.

  2. Bring the Expos back to Montreal where they belong!