A Young Fan's Touching Farewell Letter To Michael Morse

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, January 18, 2013

Michael Morse has been traded to the Seattle Mariners and I myself am devastated  Morse left a heartwarming  thank-you message to fans on his Facebook and Twitter pages, letting the Nats faithful know that he would miss them, even adding the sentiment that they were the best fans in baseball. An overwhelming reaction followed the announcement of the trade, and the Nationals fans on Twitter sent thousands of well-wishes towards Morse.

But, Nationals fans shouldn't be too sad. Although Morse will no longer be a National, as an American Leaguer you can still watch him play and cheer for him without feeling too bad. When the Mariners play the Orioles, for example, you can head down to Camden yards and show him some love. Twitter is another fun way to keep up with Morse as well.  And while the DC is no longer in @The_Beast38, you can still drop him a message.

I for one was an enormous Michael Morse fan and I have composed this small message for one of my favorite players of all time:

Dear Michael Morse,

I wanted to express my gratitude to a guy who made watching baseball five times more exciting.  You are the coolest dude ever, and I am so glad I got to see you play all these years. 

Thank you for signing autographs for me and I hope we cross paths again someday, whether you're a Mariner or maybe even a National again. Your energy brought so much to the team and you brightened my day with your antics, on-field and off. 

Your most memorable moment and legacy to the city of DC is your Take On Me walk-up song and I will surely miss hitting those high notes (well almost hitting them).  That tradition became my favorite part of visiting Nationals Park. 

Anyway, thank you, from me, for making 2012 that much more amazing. We'll always miss our Beast in DC. Best of luck to you in Seattle.


Sandra L.

I'm really gonna miss that guy...You can watch the Nexus video tribute here...and hey look...Michael and Desmond read my letter!

You can follow Sandra on Twitter @NatsGirl19 for Nats news, thoughts, hopes, and humor...

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