2012 Memories: Rick Ankiel's Throw

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rick Ankiel: The Throw

Rick Ankeil's best play as a Washingon National may have been a play where the team didn't even record an out.  In the April 16th game against the Houston Astros, Ankiel showed off his former-pitcher cannon arm on a play to prevent a runner from tagging up at third base and scoring.

Ankiel made the routine catch and then fired a perfect strike to the catcher.  Do not bounce once.  Do not get cutoff.  Do not collect $200.

While the Astros didn't seem like they were going to test Ankiel's arm anyway, the throw by Ankiel reinforced the decision for all teams to not underestimate his arm.

The throw was beautiful.  It ended up turning into national news and found it's way to the PTI program where Tony Kornheiser described the throw as "The Bomb".

Rick Ankiel only made it through mid-July before the Nationals dropped him from the roster (on his birthday I think).  However, Nats fans will never forget that throw.


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Quotes to the media referenced from the Washington Post

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