2012 Memories: Davey Johnson's Ejection

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, January 10, 2013

Davey Johnson's Ejection

Davey Johnson is a relatively cool and calm manager.  He isn't afraid to leave the dugout and give the umpires an earful, but most of the time it ends with Johnson walking back to the dugout.  In 2011, the Nats manager was ejected just one time, and didn't top that number in 2012.

But after a close play at first during a September 14th 5-4 loss to the Atlanta Braves, Davey lost his cool and went on a yelling rampage giving the first base umpire a piece of his mind and picking up his only ejection of the season.

The call occurred with the Nationals in the field on an infield grounder hit by the Braves.  The umpire called the runner safe on the play at first claiming that Nats firstbaseman Adam LaRoche's foot came off the bag.  After the replay was shown it was more than clear that the umpire was incorrect.  Enter Davey Johnson.

Johnson originally asked the umpire to get some help from home plate, but he refused.  That set off Davey even more and before you knew it Davey was gone.  The next Braves batter was Jayson Hayward who proceeded to jack a homerun.

Davey remained upset after the game:

The Nationals manager stayed out of trouble for the remainder of the season and going into his final season in 2013 he will likely remain a laid back leader in the dugout.


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Quotes to the media referenced from the Washington Post

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