Davey Johnson Says World Series Or Bust, Reacts To Winning Manager Of The Year

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Again, no baseball writer, not much to say here.  Let's just look at the wonderful GIF of Davey Johnson reacting to winning the National League Manager of the Year after leading the Nats to the best record in baseball.

"World Series Or Bust" - Davey Johnson

DC Sports Nexus

That's two days in a row for the Nats with Bryce winning the NL Rookie of the Year the day before.  Bryce had a similarly awkward but funny reaction (See it Here)

The funniest part of these MLB shows is the Cincinnati Reds beat writer.  He was interviewed each day for each award, and he had the Reds player/manager running away with the awards.  Homer.

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