Gio Gonzalez Loses Cy Young, Eats Pizza

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sadly, Gio Gonzalez did not take home the NL Cy Young award despite being the only pitcher in the playoffs, and the pitcher with the most wins.  R.A. Dickey took home the award.  If he didn't throw a knuckleball, would he still have won?

Gio Gonzalez did something very Gio Gonzalez for his Cy Young awards show night.  He went spiked hair, beard, and t-shirt.  He also went down to a pizza place in the Florida town (Hialeah) where he grew up and broadcasted live from there.  He tweeted the following, and you could see the booths behind him while he talked on MLB TV.

Meanwhile RA Dickey wore a tie...

Gio once tweeted "home sweet home" at the Di Piazza pizza place.  Is it someone in his family?  Is it just his favorite spot growing up?

Anyways, R.A. Dickey won..Gio lost..but he had pizza and Dickey looked like maybe he'd be eating some tofu.

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