The Ballpark Bus, A Great Way To Get To Nats Games

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A few weeks ago I had tickets to watch my alma mater JMU get destroyed by WVU at Fed-Ex field.  It was going to be a long day of enjoying beverages at a stadium that is a disaster to get to.  Instead of worrying about driving, parking, and then finding a designated driver, I decided to try out this new service I heard about on Twitter.

It is called the Ballpark Bus, and for a pretty fair price they drop you off and pick you up right at the stadium for Nats games, Redskins games, concerts, and more.

When I saw them on Twitter (@BallParkBus) I was intrigued.  I have taken my fair share of busses to places in the DMV like the Preakness, wineries, and some other events.  I decided to try out the bus for the football game.

I took some video from the guys at Ballpark bus, so check them out...

The other busses I have travelled on had stripper poles, loud Usher music blasting, and people peeing in gatorade bottles.  Typically on the ride home some "skank" or "bro" pukes all over the floor.  That was fun at some point in my life but thankfully, the Ballpark Bus is not like this.

The bus is a very nice charter bus with...a bathroom! Thank goodness.  I almost got hit by a car on the highway when a Boomerang Party Bus pulled onto the shoulder of a highway to let people go to the bathroom in the woods on the way to Preakness.  I seriously almost got hit by a car going 50 mph as I ran across an exit ramp back to the bus.  This did not happen on the Ballpark Bus.

The bus picked us up at Clydes in Ashburn, and I talked to the guys that run the bus and they are looking to expand to different areas if the demand picks up.  My friend and I got on the bus with our cooler, enjoyed a few drinks on the road, and were dropped off right in the parking lot at FedEx field where we were ready to tailgate.

The bus isn't just for people who drink too much like myself.  It is just plain convenient and removes all the stress of going to a ballgame.  FedEx is the worst, but coming from farther out in Northern Virginia the journey to Nats Park is a pain in the neck too.  The bus made everything easy, and for the first time ever I wasn't all sweaty from walking all over the place and riding on a hot crowded metro.

If you live out near Ashburn I encourage you to look at their website and get on one of the busses.  It looks like they are filling seats for the Nats home Playoff game.   I had a great time, I met the guys behind the business, and everyone on the bus had a great time.

Thanks Ballpark Bus!

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