Teddy Finally Wins A President's Race, Basically By Cheating

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well the day finally came.  Teddy finally won a race.  And it was one of the most bizarre and unfitting ending to a terrible bit that has been going on since the racing presidents debuted in 2006.

And the joke that was Teddy & DC Sports comes to a close...

Teddy was losing by a mile, like usual, when all of a sudden some monstrosity of a fake Philly Phanatic came out onto the field and tackled the other three presidents.  (FP Called it a Phanatic Fetus) As the poorly constructed and super-fake Phanatic's nose fell off, he jogged by Teddy's side encouraging him to run fast towards the finish line.  Eventually the other presidents got up, but by then Teddy was already leaning his chest forward to break the finish line and take home his first ever victory.

It was a semi-meaningless game, the final one of the regular season.  The stadium was surprisingly full, but it just seemed like a strange time to win.  Although the more that I think about it, it wasn't that bad.

The crowd ate it up, chanting "Teddy Teddy Teddy" and with the stadium still abuzz on the results of the race, Ryan Zimmerman cranked a homerun to tie the game.  The crowd went wild.

Here is the GIF of Teddy's first win:

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