Playoffs! Playoffs. Playoffs?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, September 21, 2012

No, that isn't Jim Mora.  That is three different emotions for the Washington Nationals clinching their first ever playoff birth.

For many fans, it is Playoffs!  Having such a bad team since the existence of the franchise has been tough.  Watching 16 bad Redskins games or 82 bad Wizards games is nothing compared to watching 162 bad Nationals games.  And since 2005 (3/4 of the first season excluded) the team has been fairly bad.  The idea that the franchise has clinched a playoff spot is somewhat surreal.

For the team it is (or it should be) Playoffs.  Good job.  Shake hands.  Season ain't over yet.  For fans of a team it is different than for players on a team.  For guys like Ryan Zimmerman it may feel different than a guy like Edwin Jackson who was winning a World Series last year.  But overall the team shouldn't really be satisfied.

For other fans in the DC area it is Playoffs?  Teams in the city have been to the playoffs before.  Teams in the city have had the best record before.  However, teams in the city don't ever win the playoff games or series that they "should" and they sure don't win championships, at least not for 20 years.

So pick a stance.  Either way you look at it the team is in the playoffs.  Be happy. Be indifferent. Or be a pretty princess who wants more (like me).   And hopefully, see you at the ballpark in October.

So how do you feel?

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