Gio Gonzalez Throws Wild Pitch, Gio Gonzalez Falls On His Face

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, September 23, 2012

On one pitch during the Nationals Saturday victory over the Brewers, new 20 game winner Gio Gonzalez tripped while he was throwing a pitch.  Gio was embarrassed and he laid face first on the ground for a few seconds before getting up.  Falling down in front of 30,000 people can't be too fun.

"If you go out, you gotta go out in style...Face first into the floor is definitely what you come to see" -Gio Gonzalez

Ryan Zimmerman thought it was great as the normally subdued Z-man cracked a huge smile.  Gio was fine and he tipped his cap to the fans who gave him a standing ovation. Natitude is out of control.  GIF of him falling after the jump:

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Other Fun GIFs from Gio:

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