Bryce Harper: The Justin Bieber Of Baseball & The Playoff Beard

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bryce Harper was interviewed by Harold Reynolds and some other guy on the FOX Saturday Baseball Pregame show.  The two announcers were asking terrible questions, doing awful bits, and then they tried to say "clown question" like it wasn't played out 3 months ago.  Here is a little recap:

One of the lowlights of the interview was when Harold Reynolds decided not just to call Bryce Harper the Justin Bieber of baseball, but to put up a graphic of Harper with a Bieber Haircut.  Bryce was awkwardly laughing and he didn't seem like he was too happy.

Awful Fox Sports Graphic

Instead of treating Haper like a professional baseball player, they tried some kind of Charles Barkley schtick and it was bad.

The other interviewer (Dan not important enough to know his last name) asked Bryce right off the bat if he was growing a Playoff Beard.  Another awful question (see I don't even use clown question anymore, it is hack)
"Just letting that thing grow out a little bit, on a roll right now, the team's on a roll, tryin to get things goin, keep things going, hopefully keep things going into the playoffs and so forth"
They talked a little about Bryce's game, but it was clearly just to kill time between the worst comedy I've ever seen or heard in my life.  
"That is absolutely brutal, I'm going into this game shocked right now, this is terrible, that's bad"
To finish the interview, Harold Reynolds said "It's not a clown question at least!" And I puked  in my own mouth.

Oh, I did the same thing a while ago?  I like mine better!

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