FP & Carp Talk Walkie Talkies & Cheating

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, August 24, 2012

With two extremely slow pitchers on the mound and a dead stadium atmosphere, the Washington Nationals announce team brought up some more fun stuff.

The Phillies have their radar guy sitting right behind home plate.  The guy uses a radar gun to measure the speed of the pitch, then with the other hand puts a walkie talkie up to his mouth and reports the speed to the scoreboard.

FP Santangelo, back from vacation, decided (rightfully so) that this boring game needed some livening up.  Listen Below:

"Uh yeah Joe, that's a slider, 87, Jack Roger"

FP wonders if you can switch hands, he talks about the possibility of cramps.  They then talk conspiracy theories.  Earpieces in batters ears, blinking flashlights, dummy camera's with red lights, scoreboard secret lights, bullpens with binoculars, and "all kinds of CIA stuff"

If you aren't watchin on TV, you are missing some good stuff.

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  1. There must be some rules and regulation regarding these type of cheating. Hope it will work.LinhTramN