Weekly Fan Poll: Injured Nationals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 4, 2012

Each week we will ask you a question to see what you think about the Nats organization.  So vote, leave comments, tweet us, etc and we will discuss the results next week.

Last Monday we asked you who you would rather see pitch if you could only choose 1 guy for 1 game.  The results were 75% in favor of Gio Gonzalez with only 25% going with Stephen Strasburg.

I know that Gio has been pitching lights out lately.  In fact he was the MLB Pitcher of the Month for May.  But do you really want to take Gio over Stephen Strasburg?  Remember when Strasburg pitched his first Major League Game?  You aren't taking him?

I would like to ask the same people who participated this same question again now, after Strasburg's gem and Gio's letdown this weekend.  I bet it would flip completely.  Although how can you not vote for Gio Gonzalez for anything.

But I don't want to ask that question.  I could probably ask it all year.  Instead, this week's question will focus on injuries.  With Michael Morse coming back finally, I was thinking about some of the other guys that were on the DL with him.

Your answer doesn't have to be the biggest impact player.  It just has to be the player on the team that you hate not seeing out on the field.  So...

Which Injured Nat Do You Miss The Most?

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