Series Preview: Mets @ Nationals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 4, 2012

After a rained shortened matchup against the Braves, the Mets are coming to town for a three game series.  The Nats find themselves in a three-way tie for the division lead and guess of those teams is the Mets.  So yeah, this series is kinda important.  Here's how it breaks down:

  • Tuesday: 7:05 PM, Young (0-0) vs Zimmermann (3-5).
  • Wednesday: 7:05 PM, Hefner (1-2) vs Jackson (1-3).
  • Thursday: 1:05 PM, Dickey (8-1) vs Chien-Ming Wang (1-1).
This is stacking up to be an incredibly tough series for the boys from Washington.  Facing Dickey with our bottom of our rotation is...less than ideal.  It will fall to Zimm to set the tone and get a win against Young, who is making his first start of the season.

Game of the Series: Wednesday.  Jackson has pitched well this year, but had some rotten luck.  He is going to need to be on his game if the Nats want to win this series, cause I'm not holding on hope for Thursday.

Sound of the Series: A New York band, The Strokes playing Reptilia.
If you like EXTREME closeups, this video is for you.

He seemed impressed by the way you came in.
All three of our pitchers this series have shown flashes of brilliance.

Yeah, the night's not over, You're not trying hard enough.
More then once Zimm and E-Jax have pitched strong games, only to collapse in the late innings.

You ran me off the road, The wait is over, I'm now taking over.
Lack of run support and some defensive mistakes have derailed them, but it's time for these pitchers to step up and take a game over.  Their stuff is good enough that they can do this.

Prediction Time:
Putting my reputation as a "baseball guy" on the line by predicting the outcomes of each series.  Feel free to yell at me in the comments or on twitter @dru90.

  • Nationals WIN Wednesday.
  • Nationals LOSE Thursday.
  • Nationals LOSE Friday.
Nationals LOSE the series 1-2.

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