What Is The MLB Draft?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 4, 2012

The Major League Baseball draft is not like your typical professional draft.  It doesn't get much coverage at all, and most fans have no idea when it takes place.  The number one thing that stands out to me is that the draft takes place in the middle of the season as opposed to the offseason.  

The MLB draft is a 3 day event that is televised on MLB TV.  While the first round is at 7pm on a Monday night, the other two rounds are on Tuesday & Wednesday at noon!  In comparison, the NBA Draft is a one night prime-time show on ESPN and the NFL Draft has the prime-time special plus several days of non-stop weekend coverage on ESPN.

Did you know?
  • The first round is tonight at 7pm
  • The first round is not on ESPN, it is only on MLB TV
  • The draft lasts 40 rounds!
  • The Nationals have the 16th pick
  • The Astros have the 1st pick and will draft some pitcher named Apple (Appel)
  • Not At MSG, People Won't Have Cheese Doodles, People Won't Boo
  • Dive Deeper At Centerfield Gate
Occasionally, there will be a "no-doubt #1 pick" like a Strasburg or Harper, but other than that only the true baseball geeks know many of the players involved in the draft.

One of the reasons the draft isn't as big as the NBA or NFL draft is that almost 95% of these players won't see the field in the upcoming season.  Bryce Harper was drafted in 2010 and played his first game in 2012.  Strasburg was drafted in 2009 and played his first game in 2010.  

So as a Nats fan are you going to watch the draft?  Are you going to read about it?  Are you going to just worry about it in 2 seasons when these guys start approaching the MLB level in AAA?  Do you even get MLB TV?

Will You Watch The MLB Draft Tonight?

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