Phillies Fans Too Sad To Throw Batteries

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nationals 5, Phillies 2

Phillies fans were too distraught to chuck batteries as they watched the Nationals light up Roy Halliday for 5 runs on 9 hits in a 5-2 win on Tuesday night in Philly.  Homers by Ankiel and Desmond plus multi-hit games from Lombardozzi, Espinosa, Harper, and even J Zimmermann helped the Nats win their 3rd straight and take the series from the Phils.

In the 6th inning at 98 pitches, Davy J kept Zimm in to hit (he got a single) and to pitch the bottom of the inning.  He proceeded to go 1,2,3 on 9 pitches.  He didn’t have his best stuff, but he only allowed one run on 7 hits picking up his 3rd win of the season (3-4).

The Phillies climbed back into the game during the 8th inning off of a solo homerun off of Gorzelanny, who was brought in to replace Zimm.  It was the first major lead homerun for Erik congrats or whatever.  As Kratz rounded the bases you could feel Davey's cries of anguish because the game had entered save-territory.  All eyes were waiting to see what "sleeping on it" had told him, and it told him...

It told him Tyler Clippard.  You know, the guy who has been wanting a shot at closing since last year.  He came in to face the Phillies with a 3 run lead at the top of the 9th inning.  The first pitch he threw almost left the yard, but hooked foul.  After that, strikeout..tough  T-clip gets the save and FP remarks that he has "never heard this ballpark so quite before".  Going for the sweep tomorrow!        

And now your wonderful announcers:

In the 2nd inning with Hunter Pence on 2nd, Bob Carpenter did one of his sarcastic smarmy chuckles as he said something like “anything but a Luna double.”  Luna of course doubled to score Pence.  That was it for Philly’s offense.

In the 3rd after FP Santangelo  did the whole Bryce Harper was batting 1.000 off of Roy Halliday for his career after 1 at bat bit.  (Harper tripled after that).  But your FP quote of the night came on a foul ball that third baseman Chad Tracy threw over to first.  Paraphrasing:  

“Remember kids, you don’t get paid to umpire, you get paid to play”

And your Bob Carpenter  bonus quote “Almost the same bush!”  What was he talking about?
a) Cloning Plants
b) A Homerun
c) A chick from Naked PhotoHunt

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