Wake Up Davy!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Mornin, Good Mornin!  And what a lovely morning it is!  The sun has come up. Tomorrow is now today. Davy Johnson told us last night that he needed to sleep on his decision about the Washington National's closer position.  Well...


The birds are chirping.  The sun is out (for now).  The Nats won last night.  Everything is sunshine & rainbows.  Well everything except that pesky closer position.  So who's it gonna be Davy?  You have a few choices:

Henry Rodriguez - Tyler Clippard - Sean Burnett - Craig Stammen - Committee 

Say Henry Rodriguez.  I dare you.  After H-Rod gave up a walk-off grand slam to Joey Votto and the Reds a few weeks ago, the young pitcher's time was up.  But as Davy does to a fault, he stuck with his guy.  "Yes, he's my closer."  It was too close a call on Monday night against the Phils.  He fooled you once Davy, shame on him.  If he fools you again, shame on you!

You've got Sean Burnett, but he is your only lefty (besides Gorzelanny) in the bullpen.  You are possibly going to have to use him for a matchup before the 9th inning.  But with three right handers coming up in the final frame, perhaps Burnett would fare well.

You've got Tyler Clippard, but you love having him pitch the 8th inning.  Plus he isn't pitching as well as he has in the past.  Clip has 1 career save under his belt.  Give the guy a chance!

Then you've got Craig Stammen, who has been having a career year this season.  Stammen's ERA is 1.44 and he has struck out 23 in 19 innings.  He's been pitching the 6th & 7th inning, but maybe you can leapfrog him over Clip.

I think you like your 3 inning plan.  The starter pitches 6-7 strong.  Guy C in 7th if needed.  Guy B in 8th.  Guy A in 9th.  But if you really want. you can throw out a committee.  You could Alternate Clippard & Stammen and toss in Burnett to face righties.  You could keep Clip in the 8th slot and alternate Stammen & Burnett.  Or you could just flip a three sided coin?

So as you read the morning paper today, think it over.  Think long and hard.  Because if you put in Henry to close one more time, and he can't get the job done, then your managerial skills need to be questioned.

Who's it gonna be Davy...Who's it gonna be...?...

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