Season Preview: The Nationals Starting Rotation

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The starting rotation for the Washington Nationals is much improved for the 2012 MLB Season and it is time to start getting excited.  We have 2 young studs, 2 new solid acquisitions, and ... well and a 5th  spot in the rotation with a surprise twist.  Let's take a look at how the season is going to start.

1.  Stephen Strasburg:  Strassy is the ace of the rotation.  We all know what he is.  He is the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball.  He must be 100-0 right!  Well not quite.  Try 6-4.  But how about that 11.3 strikeouts per 9 innings in 17 appearances.

Strasburg came back from Tommy John at the end of last season getting us all excited and then we had to wait the whole offseason.  Well we don't have to wait much longer.  He starts opening day in Chicago.

2.  Gio Gonzalez:  Nat Gio is the hot pickup for the Nats who was wasting away over in Oakland.  8.6 Strikeouts per 9 innings for his career.  31 Wins over the last 2 seasons.  1.41 Whip.  Welcome to DC.

3.  Jordan Zimmermann:  Zimm is another Tommy John guy with strikeout potential.  He was solid last year for the Nats and hopefully being the 3rd man in the rotation will get some of the pressure off of him.

4.  Edwin Jackson:  E-Jax brings a World Series ring to the starting rotation although he joined the Cardinals late in the season last year.  He has pitched in huge games though and he could bring some solid veteran play to a fairly young rotation.  This is the 7th team he has played for.

5.  Ross Detwiler:  John Lannan was sent down to the minors?  What the What!  Lannan has been the opening day pitcher by default but the Nats have decided to move Detwiler from the bullpen to finish off the starting least until Wang returns from injury?

6.  Chien-Ming Wang:  Injured.  Story of his life.  When he comes back they can shirt Detwiler back to the bullpen I guess.

Odd Man Out:  John Lannan:  See above.  I guess the other teams who "wanted" Lannan in a trade did not really exist.  Or do the Nats keep him around because he would be a solid fill-in when the classic DC Sports injury happens.  I'm not exactly what happened here, but we will see.

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