Season Preview: Defense: The Nationals Outfield

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Washington Nationals outfield should look familiar.  They should also look like they are injured because 2/3 of the starters are.  These guys aren't out there just to field (they are in the lineup to hit) but they do have good arms.

1.  Michael Morse (Left Field):  Beast Mode is basically a first basemen but the Nationals moved him over to left field.  Depending on what the game situation is, and where Bryce Harper is playing, Morse may get more games at 1st base as well.  Mark DeRosa, a utility infielder/outfielder will start the season out in left as Morse starts on the 15 day DL (too many Lat Pulldowns).

2.  Rick Ankiel (Center Field):  When you think of center field, you don't think of a big steroid using pitcher turned power hitter.  However Ank has a great arm (shocker) and the Nationals like his power in the lineup.  Roger Bernadina who is more of a speedster will be starting while Ankiel is on the 15 day DL with a quad.

3.  Jason Werth (Right Field):  On several occasions last season it looked like J-Dub the Werewolf was lollygagging around.  Misplaying balls over his head, and diving for balls that he couldn't get to.  He was much better for the Phillies, and hopefully this is his rebound year.  Last season Werth played some center field so he can be shifted over there if need be.

Bryce Harper:  The chosen one is traditionally a right fielder, but with this outfield who knows what will happen.  If Werth plays well and Harper comes in and plays all "choseny" then the entire outfield may shift around on a game by game basis.

The Nats have 2 guys who made the roster that may be gone when the big boys return, Xavier Nady and Brett Carroll.  Bernadina will probably end up playing fill-in, and we will have to wait and see what happens when Harper comes up.

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