Idiots Not From New England Excited For An Exhibition Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OMG.  The Red Sox are in town!  Let's all go to the ballpark to watch a preseason baseball game!

There are 81 more games this season.  81 games that count.  81 games that have meaning.  81 games that count towards the playoffs.  And you took off work to see this?

A bunch of front runners who have never even seen the soil of Boston or Massachusetts have invaded the ballpark for a terrible preseason game.  People were asking my company if we have tickets to the Red Sox game.  That was the game they chose to try to get tickets for.  Unbelievable.  Half the people at the ballpark didn't even know this was a preseason game.

Obviously I'm not talking about all the Nats fans that went to the game.  For them, taking a day off from work on a beautiful day to check out the team one last time before the regular season starts makes for a great DC sports afternoon.  It is always nice to check out the team and go to the ballpark.

But the fact that this could be one of the biggest games of the year is absolutely insane.  The Nationals will probably do better this season but if they play poorly a preseason game could be one of the biggest draws.

Basically all you Red Sox fans who's favorite NBA team is the Lakers and favorite football team is the Steelers, you can suck it.  Get on a plane.  Go fly to Boston.  Hell fly to upstate New York.  That would be closer than you've ever been.

You went to a preseason game.  If I see another Sox fan ask another Sox fan "were you at THE game" I will jump off a cliff.  Thank you and enjoy the season!

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