Harper's First Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I'm sure there will be tons more coverage of Bryce Harper here and elsewhere, but because I watched his debut I thought I'd throw out out some initial thoughts.  Keep in mind, as an O's fan, I have only been mildly aware of Harper and this was my first time seeing him play at any level.

  1. The kid is huge.  He looks every bit the part of an elite player.  Yes, I can call him a kid because he is three years younger than me...
  2. During every at bat tonight I never once saw him press.  He looked extremely calm up there and was taking pitches like he was a MLB regular in mid-season form.  He didn't strike out once tonight.  That in its self would of been enough to impress me even if he didn't get a hit.
  3. About that...Harper hit an absolute shot to deep center field during his second at bat tonight for a double.  I'm sure in other parts of the park that would of been a home run.
  4. Harper has got a canon for an arm.  He should of gotten credit for an outfield assist on an absolute laser throw from left field that got the ball right into the glove of Ramos...who dropped it/had it knock out of his glove has he covered the plate.
  5. Harper runs full out on every ball and he is FAST.  It really caught me by surprise, someone that big shouldn't be that fast.
  6. Finally, he didn't shrink under the pressure.  In a tie ball game with a man on third and one out in the 9th inning Harper came up to bat and hit a sac-fly to get the Nat's the lead.  Not bad for his first game in the majors.

I know it was only 1 game.  I know there is going to be growing pains for Harper as he adjusts to the majors.  BUT after tonight, I also feel confident that he is capable of living up to the hype.

  • BONUS observation: Seeing Strasburg and Harper out there together...I could get used to this.


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