Some Early Injury Concerns For The Nats

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 22, 2012

The regular season is fast approaching and some key Nationals players are having some injury problems.

Chien-Ming Wang (Hamstring):  Could miss up to a month (Adam Kilgore)

Michael Morse (Shoulder/Lat):  Could miss opening day (Adam Kilgore)

Drew Storen (Left Arm):  Could miss some games (Adam Kilgore-same)

Adam LaRoche (Ankle):  Should be ready to go (Dan Kolko)

Bryce Harper (Not Chosen Enough):  Yeah, not injured, but will be in minors on opening day

John Lannan (Odd Man Out):  Could he be traded?  Rizzo says no, other teams say they want him.

As my high school football coach would say, "Just Put Some Goldbond On It!"...


  1. Shame about Morse but yeah I think they will take it slow with him just to be safe.

    If Harper is brought up I have a feeling it will be later on in the season since I heard the team is trying him out in center field now.

  2. Hey your comment got into the facebook code when i posted the link so you see what you wrote. I was like, I don't remember writing that. LOL Now I have to be the first comment on every post!

  3. Haha that's pretty funny actually.