Nats Do The Right Thing, Send Harper To AAA

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 18, 2012

Twenty One Days is not a long time.  Especially in a season with 162 games.  One year however is a long time.  That was the situation that was facing the Nationals when dealing with Bryce Harper.  If Harper played with the team during the first 21 days of the regular season, his contract would cause him to be a free agent one season earlier.

The Nationals made the right decision and optioned Bryce Harper to Triple-A Syracuse, keeping Harper around for that key extra season before the front-runner Harper leaves to play for the New York Yankees in 2019.

While opening day will lose some of its luster (it already did because it will be the Nats 7th game and 3rd series), this is a better thing overall.  However, you may want to start buying up tickets for the game on Tuesday May 1st a night game against the Diamondbacks at Nats Park, so you can tell your friends you were there when the greatest player of all time made his Major League debut.  (my prediction)

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