FACT: Bob Carpenter Loves Mary Poppins

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, April 18, 2013

One of the best parts about watching a Washington Nationals game is the back & forth between announcers FP Santangelo and Bob Carpenter.  This is especially true in cases where FP tries to give Bob a hard time about certain topics.

On Wednesday night Bob Carpenter decided to bring up the time he went and saw the musical Mary Poppins with his wife.  FP Santangelo jumped in, as he should have.

Bob, who must have been heckled about this for several years, said the following to get the conversation started:
"I heard people are trading in their Mary Poppins tickets for Nats/Mets on Friday."

FP chimed in:
"I heard you are going on the off day tomorrow."

Bob responded:
"Been there, done that...and i've heard plenty about it for 3 years"

"As you should"

Another classic Bob & FP moment.  I don't actually remember the origin of the Mary Poppins story.  If it was mentioned by FP on a previous broadcast, or mentioned in the past by a previous Bob Carpenter partner.  We're all about getting the info correct, so if you have any information on this, send it in and we can elaborate this post!


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