Bryce Harper Tries To Throw Behind A Runner On First From Left Field

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bryce Harper has been known to make some pretty crazy throws trying to get runners out.  This throw that took place on Thursday afternoon in a Spring Training game against the Houston Astros was one of them.

The Astros Brandon Laird led off the 5th inning with a ground ball single off the glove of the Nats shortshop Ian Desmond which took a weird angle on the ricochet into left field.  Because of the misdirection, Laird rounded first base thinking about getting to second.  Bryce Harper saw the lead and was disrespected by the lead, so he did what any of us would have done.  He threw the ball to Tyler Moore at first base to get the guy out.

Moore wasn't really paying attention and couldn't handle the one hop throw which got past him.  The runner did not advance.

The Astros announcer didn't seem too impressed with Harper's craziness:

"A little overaggressive by Bryce Harper trying to make the throw...he caught the firstbaseman a little off guard, its uncharacteristic play for a left fielder to be FIRING across the diamond back to first base, but he felt he had an opportunity.  A quicker runner may have taken advantage of that"
But wait, there is more:

"Sometimes you don't want to see that in a big league ballpark [due to larger foul territory or something]" 

The runner probably would have been safe at first if Harper's throw was on target (which it was not, getting past the Nats first baseman), but Laird had to slide head first to try to beat the throw.  It was close.

In my opinion, Harper kind of jogged to the ball trying to bait the runner to try to take second, so he could throw him out at 2nd.  When the runner didn't bite, he tried to get him the long way.  Love it.  BASEBALL!

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post has your quotes on the matter here!

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