Bryce Harper Donates Bats To Former Team At College Of Southern Nevada

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 28, 2013

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In case you forgot, Bryce Harper dropped out of high school and earned his GED so he could become eligible for the MLB draft as early as possible, a move that turned out to be an amazing benefit to the Washington Nationals.

Before the draft, he played a season at Junior College at the College Of Southern Nevada (CSN).  At CSN, Harper led the team in just about every category possible.  He jacked out 31 homers in just 66 games which came out to a homerun about every 14 at bats.


Bryce was ready for the pros, and now it's just Nats history, but Bryce hasn't forgotten about his old baseball team.  Harper sent his old team a collection of 40 baseball bats:

Via the Las Vegas Sun:

"Monday, four boxes arrived at Larimer’s front door with a return shipping label from the Nationals’ clubhouse. He opened the boxes and found 40 Marucci wooden bats — some new and some game-used — that could potentially give the No. 4-ranked Coyotes a distinct advantage the rest of the season."
According to the article, the bats were worth somewhere around $6,000, very helpful for a Juco team:

"Each bat is valued at $150 or higher and is a luxury the players wouldn’t have if not for the generosity of CSN's most famous alumnus."

And of course, Bryce Harper's bat has a Bible Verse on it!  Some of the other bats:

"Some of the used bats came from other major leaguers under contract with Marucci such as Pablo Sandoval, Chase Utley, Todd Helton and Bobby Abreu."

A thank you from the coach:

Read the full article at the Las Vegas Sun

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