Michael Morse On Twitter, Or Not On Twitter, Or Is On Twitter

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, September 24, 2012

On Sunday night, around 8pm the following someone discovered a Twitter user by the name of @DC_Beast38.  A lot of speculation was that this person was Michael Morse of the Washington Nationals.

I saw lots of people arguing and discussing on Twitter, which typically makes for a good post, so here were are.

People began to follow the new Morse account and it went all the way up to almost 900 despite not having a Big Blue Checkmark by his name proving that the account is verified.

Then one of our Twitter fans Danny (@MrNatsVL) did what apparently nobody else decided to do.  Actually try to check up on the story and see if it was true.  Danny went on to the Mike Morse Facebook page and posted a simple comment:

Then the same Facebook page re-commented that it was Morse (meaning the people who run the site didn't know, and that the Facebook page is probably not Morse)

Then Ian Desmond confirmed it.

In the end, after reading all this stuff, I wonder...what the hell do I care and why am I wasting my time...

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