Michael Morse Hits Invisible Phantom Grand Slam, Runs Around Bases Backwards (VIDEO & GIF)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, September 29, 2012

On Saturday night in St. Louis, a very bizarre play took place in the first inning.  With the bases loaded and one out, Michael Morse hit a screaming line drive that went off the wall in the outfield.  The play resulted in a bunch of base-runners not knowing what to do, scoring only 1 run and resulting in an out at first base.

The runners thought it was a homer, and some thought it wasn't, and the base-paths were a mess.  However after seeing one review, St. Louis expert and Nats commentator Bob Carpenter explained to the viewers the ground rules of Busch Stadium.

The ball actually hit a secondary wall that was not in play, making the hit a homer.  The umps overturned their original call quickly after review and because all the bases were occupied they made Morse go back to home plate to re-run the bases.

On the way back home, Morse ended up running around the bases backwards, to make sure he didn't get called out.  It was funny already, but then Morse added some humor to the event.  Morse went up to the plate, took a swing with an invisible bat, and hit a grand slam.  Good mime work!

Bob Carpenter actually redid the play by play too...fun season...Two funny GIFS after the jump:

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DC Sports Nexus

Or watch the vidwo here with the call!

Other Invisible Nats GIFs:

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