Gio Ridin The Roller Coaster Of Love That Is The Nationals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, September 28, 2012

21 game winner Gio Gonzalez sat down with FP Santangelo before the Nationals took on the Cardinals on Friday night in St. Louis.  When asked how the postseason ride felt, he answered the following:

"Unbelievable, It's almost like riding a roller coaster, and when you are dropping from 150 feet in the air, and you're going straight down, that feeling where your gut just rises all the way up to your throat, i think that's exactly that feeling, where you want to put your hands up and just enjoy the ride from there" -Gio Gonzalez

The Nats are definitely a roller coaster of love.  You got Adam Laroche giving his son hugs, the whole team hugging each other, Davey wants to hug Gio more.

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