Bryce Harper Is On Pinterest, What Is Going On

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bryce Harper recently returned to Twitter after a season-long absence a few weeks ago, and now it appears he has joined Pinterest.

What is Pinterest you ask?  Well it appears to be another place for people to post pictures of their cats and arts & crafts they have made.  Why Bryce joined I have no clue.

I thought it was the equivalent of an online "quilting circle" but I dunno.  Am I not hip.  Should I be on Pinterest?  (Oh I Am)

Bryce has "pinned" a picture of Cookies, an inspirational quote, and a pic of a suit as well as "followed" a bunch of motorcycle & car pinners.

The Twitter links back to his official verified Twitter account, so I think it is actually him.  No confirmation from Bryce.

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