Wizards Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night At Nats Park

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Dear Nats fans,

What a year.  63 Wins.  I can't even believe that number and I am staring at it in the standings.  A whopping 63 wins.  The team has lost 2 in a row and are STILL in first place.

It appears that the Washington Wizards want to show their season ticket holders what winning is all about.  That is why they are hosting a fan appreciation night at Nationals Park.

For those who are unfamiliar, let me tell you what the Wizards are all about.  First, they aren't so much a team as an NBA joke.  They have a hyped up young phenom, who may never be an All-Star, but he sure dances like one.  They are basically known for Guns Out Guns Out, not Suns Out Guns Out.

Wiz season ticket holders are invited to the August 21st game, a Tuesday night affair against the Atlanta Braves.  That game could have some big playoff implications, something Wizards fans haven't seen in years.

However, despite being a laughing stock last season, the Wizards have cleaned house of a bunch of bad locker room guys.  They don't have much talent but they are headed in the right direction. They even won a bunch of games that seem meaningless at the end of last season.

Does that sound familiar at all?  Terrible team.  Bad for years.  Big turnaround.

So Nats fans don't forget.  The empty stadium.  The errors on the field.  The losing streaks.  Some day those phrases may no longer define the Washington Wizards.

See you at Nats Park!

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