Strasburg Humidity Sweating Gate, Not A Thing

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Tuesday night against the Miami Marlins, Stephen Strasburg had one of the worst outings of his career giving up 7 runs (5 earned) on 9 hits in a 5 inning loss.  After the game, a reporter, or maybe 2 different reporters, were fishing for a story about Strasburg not liking the humidity, and the weather and temperature affecting his game.

The Nationals, both Davey Johnson and Strasburg, ignored the questions.


Dopey Question #1:  (Video 2:00 In)
"Stras I know has had some tough times in the heat.  I know he sweats a lot.  Today it looked like he was really sweating pitching inside [the indoor stadium]"

Davey Johnson answered by changing the subject, talking about things that ACTUALLY affected Strasburg.  Nats 1, Reporter 0.


Dopey Question #2:  (Video 0:30 In)

"Did the, uh, humidity bother you?"

This question was asked IMMEDIATELY after Strasburg said "No Excuses".  The timing and stupidity of the question got Strasburg fired up.  Strasburg responded saying "Is there air conditioning in here?" translation, "are you a f'ing moron?"  But the reporter didn't quit.
"Pretty sticky nonetheless"
Strasburg's answer:  "We've got humidity in DC"

2 Dumb Fishing Questions, 2 Perfect Answers.  I wonder if they still tried to write that story today?

Earlier in the season, Strasburg was removed after 3 innings from a late 120 degree June game against the Braves due to heat related fatigue.  Davey Johnson told the media that the heat had gotten to Strasburg causing him to be dehydrated, feel dizzy, and turn extremely pale.  Some of Strassy's quotes from the post-game: (video here)

At the time it was somewhat of a story because some people were arguing that the Nationals made excuses any time that Strasburg had a hiccup.  Excuses like the conditions weren't perfect (heat, pitcher's mound).

These reporters who wanted to make a story out of the weather in Florida which according to the box score was a BURNING HOT 79 degrees and inside an air conditioned stadium.  Maybe they should stick to fishing in the ocean, cuz the Nats ain't biting.

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