Nationals Team Meeting, Davey Johnson: Win One For The Old Man

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Davey Johnson, All American...

On Wednesday night during the Nationals vs Marlins broadcast, the announce team reported that the Nats had a special team meeting on Wednesday afternoon.  Davey had his own "win one for the Gipper" speech.  Kristina Akra quoted the Nats skipper as saying:

"Would you just win one for this old man so I can sleep at night!"

FP said the tone of the meeting was "hilarious" and "genius".  While not a big secret meeting guy, DJ had to do something to try to fire up the squad.  He chose a relaxing and calming way instead of screaming at the guys.  The fake Indians manager from Major League would be ashamed.

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