Davey Gets Angry, Natitude Is Running Wild

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Monday night following the Nationals win over the Giants, a reporter brought up a previous game where the team didn't play aggressive when they were winning, and then asked why this game they were playing aggressive when they were winning.

The question came off a bit like the guy was asking why they were running up the score, and it got Davey fired up.  Davey answered in an aggravated way and his blood was boiling as he stared at the reporter.

Your Davey Natitude Explosion in quotes.  Get em'!

"I never want my team to ever quit competing, and I don't expect the other team we are playing to quit competing"

"It's a losing attitude when you take things for granted"

"Think we're gonna quit competing, they're sadly mistaken"

"They can come after me, but my players aren't gonna quit competing"

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