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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's how the game works.  You comment, email Dru, or tweet @Dru90 with your pick all the way up until first pitch this week (Tuesday 7:05).    You can go with the baseball expert Dru, the editor Chris, or the new to baseball Camilla.  If you think all 3 of us are way off, you can bet on the field.  Everyone is invited and we will keep score.  Who knows the Nats the best?

Last week's winner: Michael Morse (.321, 3 HR, 9 RBIs)
  • @natsrgreat
  • @turtlezoot
This Week's Contenders:
  • Adam LaRoche (Dru):  Had a better average than Morse last week with .417, and just as many homeruns.  If he keeps it up and drives in a few more runs I think he can win this week.
    • @meganreio
  • Bryce Harper (Chris):  The slump ends NOW!
    • @natsrgreat
  • Ryan Zimmerman (Cammy):  Cammy went with Zim because he is a Philly killer.  I didn't do any research to back up her claim, but she did pick Morse last week so I'll trust her.
    • @turtlezoot 
  • The Field
    • @DarkMEATHOOK

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