Rizzo The Great Makes Strasburg's Innings Limit Disappear

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, July 20, 2012

In 1983 David Copperfield performed one of his most famous illusions of all time.  he made the Statue of Liberty disappear.  It was a pretty cool trick...even after I read how it was done.

Well now it's time to check out a new trick from a new magician; Rizzo The Great!  The magician from DC's latest trick was making Stephen Strasburg's innings limit disappear!

The following Rizzo quote comes from ESPN:

"There is no magic number," Rizzo said. "It will be the eye test. (Manager) Davey (Johnson) won't decide and ownership won't decide. It will be the general manager, and that's me."'

Originally, Rizzo stated there was going to be an innings limit, but did not specify a number.  The media presumed that Strasburg would follow the Jordan Zimmermann model, who's 2011 pitching limit was 160 innings following Tommy John surgery.

Now, Rizzo is saying that the team is not following the JZ pattern.  Instead he is going to make a decision based on what he sees.  But is the Nats GM really going to base his decision on sight, or is he going to base his decision on the World Series itch that is most likely getting stronger every day that the Nats remain in first place?

Whether Rizzo had the 160 number as his original plan or not, one theory is that Rizzo is at least considering straying from "the plan".  Or is it all part of the long-con, the big illusion?  Is he just using some slight of hand to keep the fans and media off his back?

Strasburg pitches tonight against the Braves and he sits at 106 innings


Let us know in comments if you think Rizzo is considering changing his plan, or if you think he is just lying so the fans so they don't get upset before the shutdown happens.

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