IYNT Nats Tweet-Up: Nats Beat Giants?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nationals More, Giants Less

It was hot.  Like...really hot.  There was no air conditioning on the metro and a train-car full of sweaty people fanned themselves with anything they could find; newspapers, trash, one lady even had a Kitana hand-fan.

An hour and two trains later and I was headed down half street ready to meet all my good "friends" from Twitter that were most likely serial killers.  Hand in pocket.  Camera not in pocket.  Failure.  Tomorrow's (today's) story is going to be weak.

No pictures of Nats guy in the red & white checkered suit.  No pictures of the Giants fans wearing 1890's full uniforms.  No video of Edwin Jackson hitting a kid in the face with a baseball during batting practice...grrr...

The time was 4:30.  The time was insane.  How could anyone get to the ballpark that early.  But I figured it would be a good way to meet the contingency of Nexus fans that would most likely be flooding the ballpark in droves.

Wait, where is everyone.  Oh.  I don't know.  I won't know.  I don't have a phone with internet capabilities.  The only guy to show up to the ballpark for a "tweet-up" without Twitter.  I guess I'll have to put off meeting @BieberNats til I get my next phone.

Did you know that they don't let people sit in their seats when you get to the ballpark early.  You can only stand in the 800 degree outfield seats.  Why did I do this again?  I could be at home, or better yet, a bar.  I guess watching the women who weren't paying attention almost get their faces shattered by an Adam LaRoche line-drive homers was worth it.

Eventually the $5 happy hour beer stand opened up and I pushed aside all the negatives to make room for a few ( a lot ) beers.  An hour an a half until the beer prices go from $5 to over $8...I'd better take advantage.

At some point a game was played.  After what seemed like 4 hours I looked up at the scoreboard and it was only the 3rd inning.  Never, I repeat, NEVER walk into the ballpark more than 5 minutes before first pitch.

That kid from Dazed & Confused was pitching and I kept waiting for him to try to escape through the centerfield gate, but instead he just took the paddling from the Nationals.

As for the game...I remember some runs being scored by the Nationals.  I recall using my expert skill to determine that there wouldn't be a rain delay, about 3 minutes before...a rain delay.  I recall beer.  I didn't meet 1 Twitter person.

After like 8 hours at the ballpark the game eventually came to an end...but the adventure was far from over.  Walking with thousands of people to the metro.  Waiting 10 minutes for a train.  Packing onto the train.  Getting off the train 4 minutes later.  Waiting 20 minutes for a train.  Packing onto the train.  Getting off the train then quickly jumping back on after remembering that I already switched trains. Being in someones armpit from L'Enfant Plaza to Vienna (seriously nobody got off the train til Vienna)  Having my ATM card rejected by the ATM.  Finding a $20 bill in my pocket.  Waiting 20 minutes for a cab.  Paying $25 for a ride home.

Car...back at the metro...Tweet-Up...Success...

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