Idiot Files: Not Voting For Bryce Harper

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, July 5, 2012

The other day I wrote about fans in DC not taking the time to vote for their player in the same fanatical way that St. Louis Cardinals fans do.  In that post I claimed to have voted for Bryce Harper myself a few times.  Well, that was not true.  I've never voted for Bryce Harper.  So why did I tell everyone that I did?  

Well that answer is simple.  I'm a compulsive liar.  Actually, that's not true.  Or is it.  It isn't.  I didn't vote for Bryce Harper because of the following user-error:

1.  Go to the All-Star voting site (CHECK)

2.  Click on Bryce Harper (CHECK)

Yay!  Bryce Harper is going to the All-Star game because I'm a great fan and I voted!!!

Uh...not so fast...i may have missed a crucial step the 7 times that I thought I voted.

3.  Scroll Down Idiot (No-Check)

Haha.  Whoops.  I have to enter all this info and then click Submit...I can't be the only one who didn't realize this.  Once you click on a player it shows that icon, makes the other players disappear, and it really really really looks like the process is complete.  Oh well, maybe I'm an idiot and not MLB...

And I have no time to fill that junk out, I'm too busy writing about a boring ride on the metro...

The voting closes tonight (Thursday, July 5th) at 4pm eastern time.  So do your duty as a Nats fan and take 30 minutes to fill out all this info, enter your social security number, and vote away!

Update:  Luckily it looks like I can vote on Twitter now by tweeting #BryceIn12 between noon & 4pm eastern...well I actually didn't read the whole thing, so you may want to doublecheck or you will end up not voting like me...

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