Bryce Harper, Future Hero

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, July 9, 2012

Holden & Danny from 106.7 The Fan got a chance to interview Bryce Harper on Sunday before the game against the Rockies.  They talk about the All-Star Game, DC fans, clown questions, and stealing home.  You can listen here:

Bryce has got the media thing down.  Talk about loving the game, talk about loving the city, talk about loving the fans...and don't say anything negative.

All of the recent articles and interviews with Bryce are positive.  His cockiness has died down and he is now fully immersed in the team.  He is not just a great individual rookie outcast anymore, he is now a Washington National.

Despite the toned down, media-savvy Bryce, his aggressiveness and competitiveness still remain, and you can tell from the tone of his voice to the expressions on his face during games.  He genuinely loves the city and the fans, but ask him about something in a game and you will see some competitive fire in his tone.  Bryce wants to win.  That is a welcoming change in DC.

Harper wants to "bring a title back to this town" and so does everyone else in this championship-deprived DC metro area.  If Bryce can remain that way and the Nats can win a championship, then Bryce Harper will be one of the biggest heroes and fan-favorites that DC has ever seen.  

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