Rockies Slow Pitch, Still Beat Nats

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 25, 2012

Rockies 4, Nationals 2

Stephen Strasburg pelted Marco Scutaro's helmet with a misplaced fastball sending Scutaro crashing to the ground and out of the game with a possible concussion.  The play shook up Strasburg, who went on to give up a few hits and 2 runs in the inning.  The Nats offense was non-existent again and the Rockies won 4-2 on Monday night at Coors Field.

The Rockies only have a 4 man rotation, which is just insane.  What that means is that the starters don't usually pitch very far into the game.  Jeff Francis who throws slower than me only made it 5 innings, but the Nats could only muster 2 runs off the slow-ball tosser and none off the bullpen.  If you want to win playoff games eventually, you have to take advantage of situations like that.  The Nats did not.

Strasburg gave up 6 hits in 6 innings of work (97 pitches), 3 of them coming in that mini-disaster 6th inning.  Strasburg moved back into first place in K's, mowing down 8 Rockies, but he failed to win his 10th game.  Very unexpected.

Gorzo had to come in because of the limited Strasburg outing and he gave up the forth run to the Rocks.

Stevey tried to help out his own cause in the 5th inning with an RBI double, his 4th of the season.  That means in around 80 less at bats, Strassy had more doubles than Nady.  (Nady was moved to the DL to make room for DeRosa who is back on the roster)

Ryan Zimmerman said his cortisone shot made him feel better and after a classic ZIDP in the first inning, he came back with a double off the first base bag that drove in a run.  2 games in a row with RBIs after 11 games without one.

Bryce Harper was 0-4, struck out 3 times, and left 4 guys on base.  No homerun since Toronto Blackberry explosion.

Another thing of note in the past several games is that the other teams take 2nd base at will...

Nats get a chance to make up for tonight on Tuesday night...

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