Nationals @ Rockies: Game Preview (6/25)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, June 25, 2012

Nationals vs. Rockies
8:40 PM Coors Field

Story Lines:
  • The Nationals have not lost back-to-back series all season.
  • How will the Nationals league lowest ERA fair in Coors Field?
  • Will the Rockies league highest ERA help break the Nats out of their offensive slump?
  • On going issues with Ryan Zimmerman's shoulder.
Pitching Match Up:
  • Stephen Strasburg
    • 9-1 with a 2.46 ERA.
    • Has never faced any of the current Rockies players in his career.
  • Jeff Francis
    • 0-1 with a 8.56 ERA.
    • Starting his 4th game of the season.
    • Has had issues making it past 5 innings.
Who to Watch:
  • Ryan Zimmerman
    • Zim has face Francis 15 times and is batting .533 with 3 RBIs.
    • With rumors of a DL stint swirling, Zimmerman has to produce.
  • Carlos Gonzalez
    • Hitting .328 on the year and leads the team in homeruns with 17.
    • He also leads the team in RBIs with 52 and will be the main offensive threat.

Keys to the Game:
  1. Strike Outs. When any contact could leave the park, it would be best to just strike everyone out.
  2. Hit Homers.  If you want to win in Coors, you're going to have to hit a few homeruns.  Looking at you Morse.
  3. Heads Up Defense.  The ball flies off the bat in Coors, so our fielders will have to be on their toes, particularly in the outfield, which is quiet spacious.

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