Nats Face a Giant, Harper Walks off in 12th

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Mets 6, Nationals 7

Bryce Harper was mobbed by his teammates as he hit his first career walkoff, a bases loaded single in the bottom of the 12th to give the Nats a 7-6 win over the Mets in a crazy game.  The Nats were assisted by several costly errors by the Mets and the offense never gave up to put the team alone in first place.

Seriously that pitcher for New York, Chris Young, was gigantic (6'10").  Jordan Zimmermann cruised through the first 5 innings without blinking and Harper drove in Espinosa for a 1 run lead in the 3rd.  In the 5th inning, Ryan Zimmerman got his first hit of the homestand with an RBI single. 

Then, thanks to some little-league style throwing errors by the Mets, the Nats got another run on the play to stretch their lead out to 3 runs.  The Mets pulled the giant from the game and everything was looking good.

Unfortunately, Jzimm slipped up in the 6th inning and gave up two solo home runs.  This seems to be the story of the bottom half of our rotation, start strong/slip up late.  Tonight, Zimmermann was pulled after only throwing 81 pitches, although he managed to go 2-2 at the plate.

Gorzelanny came in from the pen and worked a scoreless inning in the 7th and things were looking good.  "As long as they don't bring H-rod," I thought to myself.  Instead Burnett came in to try and set things up for T-clip to get JZimm his first home win of the season. 

That plan didn't work out so well as Burnett instead let the Mets pull ahead 4-3.  Mike Gonzalez, a player who was shipped out of Baltimore for a bucket of balls, was brought in to end the inning.

Ryan Zimmerman got his second hit of the night to start things off in the bottom of the 8th and  LaRoche moved him over on a ground out.  Ian Desmond drove him home to tie things up with an RBI single before Espinosa recorded the final out of the inning. 

T-clip came into the game and walked the lead off batter before getting the next three outs.  The Nats didn't do any better.  This battle for first place would go to EXTRA INNINGS.

Remember that thing I said about H-rod earlier...well it happened in the top of the 10th.  He immediately gave up a single to Scott Hairson.  Then the Mets got him around to third base where he would score on a wild pitch.  From H-rod.  UGH.

Ryan Zimmerman reached first base on a error by the Mets.  He moved over to second on an error by the Mets.  He moved over to third on a wild pitch.  Then Ian Desmond got Zimmerman home on an error by the Mets.  Flores got an infield single with two outs to load the bases.  Rick Ankiel came up...two outs...bases loaded...bottom of the 10th...and STRUCK OUT.

Detwiler came into work a tense but scoreless 11th, but the Nats couldn't get a run across the plate.  In the 12th Dets gave up a solo homerun to Hairston to give the Mets a 6-5 lead, but Morse hit his second double of the night and Desmond drove him home with a double of his own to tie everything back up.  Then Detwiler was WALKED to load the bases...

Bryce Harper came up...two outs...bases loaded...bottom of the 12th...and HIT A WALKOFF SINGLE!  The few fans who were left went crazy, the Nat's bench cleared, FP called the game a "classic", and the Nats held onto first place.  WHEW!

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