From First To .500: The Story Of DC Sports

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, June 1, 2012

In 2005, local legend Frank Robinson watched as his Washington Nationals team exceeded all expectations with their play on the field.  By the time the All-Star break hit, the Nats were in 1st place in the division with a 52-36 record.  Was a World Series possible for a new team?

In 2007, Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan stood on the sidelines in Las Vegas coaching NBA stars like Shaq, Lebron, and Dwayne Wade.  It was the NBA All-Star game, and Jordan was given the coaching position because his Washington Wizards had the best record in the Eastern Conference.  NBA Finals talk began.

In 2008, the Washington Redskins cruised through the first half of the season going 6-2 in their first 8 games.  While they were still one game back of first place, the city was starting to think Super Bowl.


That Washington Nationals team collapsed and finished the season at 81-81 (.500).  That Washington Wizards team collapsed and finished the season at 41-41 (.500).  That 2008 Washington Redskins team finished (.500).

In 2012, right now, the Nationals and Orioles are both in first place.  Each team started out smokin' hot, outshining all expectations.  However, fans in DC and Baltimore aren't getting overexcited.  They have seen this before with the examples above (and with the O's shorter term examples not listed).

And now things are starting to turn the other way.  The Nationals & Orioles have lost a combined 8 games in a row.  The O's now share the division lead and the Nats are only 1/2 a game up.  The All-Star break is still a month away but are things collapsing a little early?

As a fan of either team, you have to take a deep breath and hope this is just a blip in the radar.  Just a snag.  You have to read the examples from past teams and believe that history will not repeat itself.  You have to pray that the teams won't collapse down to .500.   It's DC have to have to have to pray...

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