Weekly Fan Poll: Gio vs Stevey

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 28, 2012

Each week we will ask you a question to see what you think about the Nats organization.  So vote, leave comments, tweet us, etc and we will discuss the results next week.

Last night, Gio Gonzalez picked up the win after striking out 10 batters and allowing 1 hit over 7 innings to get his record to 7-1.  At this time, Gio's ERA sits at 2.04 and he has 79 strikeouts, the most in baseball.

In the game prior, Stephen Strasburg only made it through 5 innings, but he still struck out 6 on his way to another Nats victory and a 5-1 record.  Strassy's ERA at this time is a little lower at 2.64 and with 70 strikeouts he is 5th in baseball.

These 2 guys have pitched some great games this year and are a big reason the team is sitting atop the NL East right now.  So if they were pitching back to back games and you had to choose only one to see, who would you rather see pitch?

Who would you rather see pitch?

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